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Grafame Tech Offers The Following Softwares:

Point of Sale Software

We provide you with the best point of sale software that will help you run any kind of business like shops, restaurants, boutiques, hotels and many more.

Grocery Point of Sale | POS

Manage your grocery with a digitalized system that will help you maximize your profits today

Hospital Management System

The hospital management system (HMS) is an integrated software that handles different directions of clinic workflows. It manages the smooth healthcare performance along with administrative, medical, legal and financial control. That is a cornerstone for the successful operation of the healthcare facility

Resort / Hotel Management System

Hotel Management Software is a fully integrated suite of products consisting of modules that can be easily added or expanded allowing effective and easy management from smaller operations to global, multi branded network of hotels and resorts. It can be deployed in any size environment, from a single property with just a front office to a large, full-fledged hotel with various departments like sales & marketing, catering, revenue management, quality management, back office and materials management.

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