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Who are we?

Grafame Tech is a company dealing with software, hardware and general IT services. Our softwares have so far been used by wide variety of companies, businesses, individuals, agencies, organizations and many more. All through our many years of business we have tried to be the best of the best by improving our services day to day.

Who is our


Our company aims all the businesses be it small or big, companies, agencies, organizations and any other as long as they need to go digital. We target on improving the way services are being relayed out here and also focusing on the business owner side. We want to help both the clients and business owners by introducing technology everywhere.

Our POS/management System /Sofwares


Point of Sale for all Businesses

Our POS Systems supports all kinds of businesses. It helps you manage your sales and get full reporting in flexible time schedules. We guarantee you maximum results once you try it. Save your business today!!


Payroll Software for all businesses.

We have the best payroll software with new introduced features like NSSF and NHIF automatic deductions. The system also generates payslips with different modes of payments. Our software has so far helped a lot of companies hence they are satisfied.  


Now available for all businesses.

We so far have the best accounting software integrated and tested by all means possible to help you out with your business finance. It is more advanced compared to the other systems since it also has a flexible bank reconciliation . Don’t hesitate but reach out. 

Property M.System.

Property Management System. (PMS)

Our Property-Management System helps you manage your tenants in an organized manner with tenancy contracts which are automatically generated for signing. It is also able to calculate commissions for the real estate companies or agents. So far it is working very well with the clients who are using it. Now Available!!

ERP System.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Our ERP Software enables you run a company in the best and easiest way possible since you will be able to trace everything right from the raw materials used in manufacturing up to the profit and loss drill down after the supply chain. Try it out and you won’t regret. 

Now Available!!

CRM Software.

Customer Relation Management System.

Our CRM Software has been integrated and advanced till the last bit where we believe we have now sorted out every issue and everything related to a customer has been handled. We are trying to create the customer and seller relations here such that there is that history between them. The software is suitable for small scale and large scale companies and business.  

School M. System.

School Management System.

Purchase our School Management Software to help you run your institution in a digital way to prevent a lot of manpower being used to manage some documents like the student files and a lot more. The system is very flexible and reliable and can be used by any institution including kindergarten. 

Hospital System.

Hospital/Clinic Management System.

Manage your hospital / clinic today with our software. With this software you will be able to save and manage your patient’s record and billing information. The software also helps you in planning for appointments with patients. System is also very stable and can work in a very busy environment. 

Now Available!!

Grocery POS

Grocery POS system now available. Get it today.

We have developed a user friendly & well designed system for your Grocery business.

Our grocery system features: Inventory sync, Integrate purchase order, Regular stock quantity update,  stock take in & take out, Product expiration, CRM & Loyalty & Barcode Scanning system.

Hotel POS

Restaurant/Hotel/Inn/ POS System.

No more paperwork and hard retrieval of files. Get our Restaurant POS System now at an affordable price. Our system features: Reservation; Booking system, collection of e-payments, activities, room inventory & allocation, Front desk operations, Revenue management, Housekeeping, POS system, CRM & ERP Systems, Report & analytics & Back-office management.

Matatu System.

Matatu Sacco Management System.

Our Matatu System features include: Driving behavior analysis, Fuel & Maintenance management, driver & Matatu detail information & Fleet/Matatu alarms. Our system also comes with other modules or package which can be integrated with together.
The modules are: Route planning & monitoring & GPS tracking.


Pharmacy System.

POS System.

Get our Pharmacy POS System now at an affordable price. We offer the best POS systems in the country at an affordable price.
Our pharmacy POS system features: Pharmacy Workflow management, Vendor integration, Controlled substance tracking, Our system come with numerous modules/packages, Accounting module, Purchasing & Receiving, Integrated credit & Sign & Labels.

What makes us the best

For years now we have provided solutions to most parts of Kenya and even Africa but we have never failed to support in case of any problem or failure. We have made this possible by having our remote and ground support team always ready for any emergency. Apart from that we provide our clients with the best software such that it becomes very difficult for failures to occur. Above all our services are reliable and affordable.

Security and privacy

Once you venture into business with us all your data is in safe hands since we have invested in the security measures too so as to prevent hacking by all means. All your data is safe and cannot get lost by all means since we do backup for you, that is if the it is being hosted online. But even offline our systems enable frequent backups to avoid data loss. 

Save Your Business and Increase Your Income Today

You don’t have to wait for your business to start experiencing challenges before you can introduce improvised technology to it. Take action today and reach us today. It is never too late.

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Whole Kenya
Phone: +254704818515

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